Let's get weird

Design culture is too much swiss type and black turtlenecks.  Enjoy by yourself or share with a friend. Updated daily!

Arrow down
its not that binary
its not that binary
#fff lie
make space
make space
Cut meetings
I'm just super Sayan
I'm just super Sayan
Netflix and fall asleep
zoom is slow
Push off the edge
tubi or not to be
time to face the music
Flash in pan
Uber is not
It's a whole new wordle
Fast FW to figma
Give me your word
thaw my ic_heart
Make it pop
Xero sum game
Remember Evernote
teamwork is dreamwork
Crazy like a fox
No two snowflakes are the same
I'm losing Pinterest
Oh brother
Oh brother
Full steam ahead
it's all lorem ipsum to me
it's all lorem ipsum to me
Cache money
Cache money
Cache money
Home away from home
think outside of the box
young at heart
my video is froze
my video is froze
eight. nin. ten. do
a friend in need is on indeed
Drive me crazy
Drive me crazy
a freak in the sheets
I prefer stripes to plaid
feather in my cap table
feather in my cap table
mail privilege
A little bird told me
U and I design
Skew Morpheus is back
Meet me at our spot
My head is in the cloud
My brain is FPO
I feel under the weather
X marks the spot
Don't beta test me today
New kids on the block
Gotta reCaptcha them all
505 internal server error
I'm at my breakpoint
.png me tomorrow
Hello. From the other side
Users, people, babies?
Font-weight: no thanks
Don't forget the alt text
It's pronounced Jif
Cut me some Slack
Diamonds are not forever
I feel FAB today
I'm a material design girl
Rest in peace
Peace sign with email icon beside it

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