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Welcome to NotDev👋 We solve problems through design


DocuSign We helped design the future of their design system.


Gmail We helped Gmail explore the future of email and chat.


Google Maps We helped with a variety of visual design projects.


Indeed We helped redesign Indeed’s design system.


Toyota We’ve shipped a dozen products, created a design system and drove digital transformation company wide.

Approach 🛬
We start in the deep end

Work not process
We help our clients find the right problems to solve. We do this through an iterative process that prioritizes making over meetings. The faster we create,  the more we learn, the better the outcome.
We aren't afraid to steal
We believe 80% of experiences are the same (that's why all e-commerce websites basically look the same). This 80% doesn’t create value, but creates pain if done wrong . The remaining 20% is the secret sauce. It’s the thing the brand is built on, and is the reason users come back.
We show our work
When fine tuning a design, we share our screen while we tweak the design. This allows us to rapidly iterate and drive decisions without weeks of back and forth.
Not Dev team

Team ✌️
Remote before it was cool

Good people doing good work
Our team is fully remote because we found the best work comes from happy designers, and happy designers require sweatpants and Spotify on full blast.  We have 3 simple rules: Don’t be a jerk. The same is good, but different is better. And stress is the enemy of quality.
Design not delegation
Everyone on our team, from junior to owner, designs. Additionally we don’t have account managers or producers.  This ensures that our clients always get the a-team.
Normal but superhuman
Every human on our design team is good at all facets of design, but is exceptional at one aspect because work is too messy and is too inter-connected to have specialists.

Working model 🧘
We flex to your needs

We work with everyone
Our client mix consists of five types: Large corporations, tech leaders, marketing departments, startups, and pro-bono.  We are able to share learnings from each type to better everyone—large corporations want be agile like startups, while startups want the rigor of tech leaders.
Problems not projects
We normally work on poorly defined, open-ended problems that require design work to adequately scope the problem.
Commitment can be hard
We start new relationships with a one week trial.  This helps both parties assess chemistry and fit before making a longer-term commitment.  After the trial we structure our engagements to optimize for flexibility and adaptability because we know requirements and priorities shift.

Contact us 🔥
Here is what we hear

“ I have a loose idea of what I want, but need help to take us from idea to concept, from 0-1.”
“ We have a bunch of products, with no unified design system. My designers are busy shipping features.  Heeelllp.”
“ My house is on fire! I have too many design requests and not enough designers...”
“ I'm a super rad designer and would love to learn more about Not Dev.”
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