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We solve problems through design

Not Dev is a design studio that focuses on brand and product. We specialize in solving system problems. Here are a few of our recent engagements:

■ Atlassian

We developed Atlassian’s first illustration library including hundreds of spot illustrations that were used within Atlassian's products, marketing, and websites.

■ Box

We were hired by Box to update their brand system, including updates to the brand strategy, positioning, color, type and illustration. The end result was a new website and advertising campaign.

■ DocuSign

We helped their product team update their design system, helped launch new features and most recently lead the rebrand of Developer DocuSign.

■ Gmail

We helped the gmail team design the integration of chat within gmail. It was a combination of feature specific work and visioning.

■ Toyota

We’ve shipped a dozen plus products, created a design system and driven digital transformation company wide.

■ Google Maps

We helped the maps team update their design system, ship dark mode, and most recently help redesign food ordering within search and maps.

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We start in the deep end

We have a flexible engagement model because we know requirements and priorities can shift mid-project.


Discovery through design

We help our clients find the right problems to solve. We do this through an iterative process that prioritizes making over meetings. The faster we create, the more we learn, the better the outcome.


We show our work

In every meeting we share our screen so we can co-design with our clients. This allows us to rapidly iterate and drive decisions without weeks of back and forth.


Commitment can be hard

We start new relationships with a one-week trial. This helps both parties assess chemistry and fit before making a longer-term commitment.

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Good people doing good work

Our team is fully remote because we found the best work comes from happy designers, and happy designers require sweatpants and Spotify on full blast. We believe in inclusivity and authenticity, acknowledging that people are more than their jobs. We have 3 simple rules: 1. Don't be a jerk. 2. The same is good, but different is better. 3. And stress is the enemy of quality.

Frequently asked questions

■ Where are the pixels?

Our work is confidential, so we don't have case studies, but you can still check out some on our pixels page.pixels here

■ Do you work with smaller companies?

Yep! We work with companies of all sizes. In fact, we have relationships with Google Ventures and NEA and often help their portfolio companies.

■ What's with the name?

The founder's name is Dev and the studio doesn't do development — thus the name Not Dev.

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